About PT. Ortyd Optima Teknologi

ORTYD was established in 2018, we are a company that runs consulting services, especially in the fields of Information Technology (IT), Digital Marketing, Surveys, and Analytics as well as for problem solvers. Even though we still have a new company, we truly believe that we are very professional because we have so many experienced teams that master and focus every part. We have found many clients and partners who really appreciate our services and products. So we were really able to handle this work.

Our clients are mostly private companies and state-owned enterprises (BUMN). so, the quality of our work is very suitable for them, which is relying on high professionalism, very satisfying results, and refers to the agreed time.

In addition to working on and helping other companies, we also provide products that can compete, build a unique, interesting, and useful startup for millennials like today. Our team is very professional and understands the duties and responsibilities of bringing this company to a better direction than before. Our determination to bring this company to the International level with products that benefit humanity